Bendekayi Chutney

Bendekayi/okra improves the gray cells in the brain. The vegetable is very good for developing kids. Children who usually do not ike the okra would also like it when prepared in this way. The garlic has soothing effect on the tongue and taste buds if you are having fever and feel food tasteless.

Easy to prepare and good to eat! Goes really well with chapatis and rotis.


1. Okra/Ladies finger/Bendekayi 1/2 Kg
2. Garlic cloves - 8 medium
3. Coriander leaves 1/2 bunch
4. Green chilis - 8-10
5. Chic peas/Kadle - 3 tsp.
6. Salt to taste.
How to make it:
1. Cut and fry the Okra till the stickiness is gone and keep it aside.
2. Add garlic, chic peas, green chilis, coriander leaves and salt and make a rough paste.
3. Mix the fried okra and the above mixture and make rough paste using mixer.
Note: Do not grind the mixture too fine. Keep it rough.

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