Kerala Parota

Kerala Parota is one of the famous styles of south indian parotas. This parota has layers of thin crispy films and is very good to eat. Traditionally this kind of parotas are made by repeatedly beating the dough that is prepared with optimum amount of warm water and baking soda or yeast. Another alternative to heavy beatings is to make a thin film and then preparing the rolls. This seems to be the easier way to make it. I tried it and it came out really well!!

1. Maida flour- 2 cups
2. Baking soda -2 pinch
3. Oil
4. Warm water (to prepare dough)
5. Salt to taste
How to do it:
1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and knead the dough thoroughly the way you prepare for chapathi. Keep it aside for 1 hr covered with a wet cloth.
2. Divide the dough into equal portions of size a little less than a tennis ball.
3. Take a ball and apply some oil on it. On a flat surface apply oil and roll the parota ball to the maximum stretchable layer. Make it as thin as possible in both length and width. Don't worry about the shape at this stage. This is done instead of the traditional Keralian excessive beating required to prepare the Kerala parota.

Rolling the dough
4. Apply a little more oil over the rolled dough.
5. Using both hands make pleats on the rolled dough just like saree pleats starting from one end.

6. Then holding at one end of the pleated dough, roll it like a spiral. Keep it aside.

7. Repeat the above procedure for each of the parota balls and keep them aside.
8. Heat a sauce pan until medium hot.
9. Roll out each portion just like roti, but not so thin this time. Parota should be medium thick. Do not apply any flour on it while rolling. You can apply some oil/ghee if you prefer.

10. Cook each roti with a little butter/ghee for 1 or 2 minutes, turning them frequently until speckled brown and firm.

Kerala Porotta is now ready to serve. It goes really well with Malai Kofta.


UjjU said...

Oh yeah, it seems to be ok today. The parotas look so yummy & professional. I shall try it some day & let you know how they turned out. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I would be greatful to you if you could also post the recipes for making appam & puttu. :) However, I don't have the authentic Chatti. I guess a Wok should be fine. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

we don't get fresh Parota in Australia so i am going to prepare it........


ವನಿತಾ said...

Hi Padmini,
This looks easy & perfect..gonna try very shortly..

Leena said...

Really nice paratha's!will try for sure.....

lakshmi nagaraj said...

very nice parota. It is easy to prepare.Iwill try.Thanks a lot.